Body Massage

Body Massage

We use herbal compress and organic hot oil to detoxify the body, improve blood circulation and help inflammation, reduce muscle and joint pain, hydrate skin, relieve stress and promote restful sleep. The massage therapist will identify problematic zones that need extra attention, focusing on accupressure points.

Body Massage

Classic Swedish Massage - $1 per minute
Perfect for general relaxation. Relieve muscle tension and crease overall circulation of the body

Deep Tissue Massage - $80 per hour
Focus on a specific part of the body. Firm pressure and slow strokes reach deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue

Hot Stone Massage - $10+
Heated massage stones increase blood circulation throughout the body

Thai Herbal Compress - $15+
All natural imported herbal mix used to relieve aching muscles, heal brusing and soothes skin

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