Anniversary Special

In Touch Hair & Spa celebrates its 10th anniversary

It has not been easy along the way. We started from scratch. After years of hard work, we have continued to learn, strive and improve with added diversified projects to meet the needs of our guests. Fortunately, it is very popular and well received.

To thank you, we are launching a promotion from 11/1 to 12/31 - all guests who spend $100 or more will get a $30 gift voucher (30 minutes body-tune wellness therapy), and all chemical services get a free hot oil treatment.

Also we have few NEW projects:  hair extension service , the feather extension. These newest technology has 10 benefits:

  1. Perfect street connection
  2. Imitate real hair growth - looks real and natural
  3. No pulling when connecting, no hair damage or hair loss when removing
  4. Easy to tie your hair and comb through to the end
  5. Easy to clean and dry
  6. The joints are soft - no head irritation when sleeping
  7. It is strong and firm and will not fall off even if you don’t pull hard
  8. The seam is extremely concealable and can’t be felt with the touch of a hand
  9. Very relaxed and comfortable, no dandruff
  10. Natural in form, superior in heart!